How To Use Yummly and Make a Grocery List

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Whether you’re a blogger, foodie fanatic or a busy mom, you need to learn how to use Yummly. It’s an easy way to organize recipes, an excellent source for new ones and it will make a grocery list that totally makes sense and only includes the items you actually need.

How to Use Yummly - tips for everyone including bloggers!

In a nut shell, Yummly includes lots of recipes and only recipes. You won’t find round-ups or product reviews, or even spam from what I can tell. It’s a huge database of recipes from big sites and small ones alike. In fact, anyone can add a recipe to Yummly with a quick click on a “yum” button using a bookmarklet on your computer or the “yum” button on a website (if they have one.)

I’m not going to cover every Yummly bell and whistle. But, I’ll show you how to set-up an account, tell you why I think it’s so awesome and share my very favorite feature. I have a few insights for my food blogging friends too.

How to Use Yummly … And Make a Grocery List

It takes seconds to set up an account on Once this is done, you can install a bookmarklet on your computer’s tool bar so you can easily “Yum” any recipe you come across. Just click the yum button and the recipe is saved to your private recipe box. The recipe box can bet set up with collections of recipes, such as dinner recipes, breakfast recipes, or crock pot recipes. All of the ingredients, time estimates for cooking, calories and nutritional information are housed on the Yummly site, but not the instructions. You’ll need to head over to the source for the directions.

Since all the ingredient information is on the site, the search function is amazing. It allows you to customize your search based upon ingredients you want, don’t want, types of cuisine and more to quickly hone in on the perfect choice. Answer some questions about your preferences and Yummly will suggest recipes for you too.

There’s an app for that! Be sure to get the Yummly app too. It syncs with the website account.

My absolute favorite thing about this app (that literally has me jumping up and down) is that you can create a shopping list quickly and easily. It’s a big assist for meal planning.

This screen shot is one of my recipe collections, Dinner-Mom Recipes. (Select “My Yums” from the Menu when you are in the app and then touch the Recipe Collection you want to look through.) As you scroll through the list, click the plus sign to add the ingredients for the recipe to the grocery list. Chicken Marbella, Baked Chicken Parmesan Meatballs and Battered Banana Pancakes have been selected.

How to Use Yummly View of a Recipe Collection

When you are ready to create a shopping list, click on the Menu and touch “Shopping List.” All of the ingredients will populate the list. Touch the gray box next to an item and it’s removed to a separate “Got It” list. Click the + next to “Add to List” to include additional items on the list.

How to Use Yummly and Make a Grocery List

Of course, the list is on your phone. But you can easily email or text the list too.

How to Use Yummly … If you are a Blogger

I know. The last thing you need is another social media outlet sucking up your time. This is not one of those sites and it is totally worth your time and effort.

  1. Make it easy for visitors to your site to “Yum” your recipes by adding a yum button to your posts.
  2. Every time you add a new recipe to your site “yum” it! It’s in the Yummly database now for all to find.
  3. Encourage your readers to use the yum button too. The more yums a recipe has, the more often it will be found through the search criteria in Yummly.
  4. To become a publisher, let others know about the site. Check out Yummly for Publishers for more details.




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  1. Is there any way to share your grocery list with someone else?

    I love Yummly for finding recipes, but from what I can see there’s no way to easily relay my to my significant other what we need from the store…. a lot of other apps have this feature, I hope Yummly adds it soon!

  2. The shopping list output is nonsense. It will list, for example, salt and pepper, black pepper, ground black pepper, salt separately. It can’t total ingredients listed imperially and metrically. And it won’t sum things like eggs or round them up for recipes. If I need 1.5 eggs for each of two recipes, I need 4 eggs. I can’t save half an egg for the day after tomorrow!

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