How to Freeze  Corn on the Cob in the husk!

It takes minutes because there'e NO blanching! 


Corn on the Cob (fresher is better!) Equipment Plastic wrap Freezer Bags Sharpie Use a vacuum sealer if you have one!

Here's what you need:

Wipe off any dirt.  Don't peel or remove anything! If the husk is snug against the corn it will help prevent freezer burn.


Wrap corn in plastic wrap and/or place in a plastic bag, removing as much air as possible Use a FoodSaver to vacuum pack it if your have one.


Label and store in the freezer!


Time Frame: 2-4 months for best results.

Defrost in the refrigerator overnight!


Cook as usual.

The easiest way is in the microwave with the husk on! Here's how👇

It's best in soups, casseroles, and cooked dishes...

because the texture may be a little soft.

Save money and time using this, super easy method for freezing corn!

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