ZipList Recipe Box and Grocery List on The Dinner-Mom

I’m taking a day off from recipes to talk about a super-useful tool that’s available on The Dinner-Mom site…the ZipList Recipe Box. (It’s just below the Home button on the menu bar.)

You may have noticed it before on this site and lots of other sites around the web. It’s powerful. It allows you to save recipes, create grocery lists, do menu planning and a whole lot more, not just with recipes on The Dinner-Mom site, but all across the web. I’m thrilled to be a Ziplist Featured Partner and offer this tool!

Manage your shopping list and search for recipes from across the web at
What this means is….if you like a recipe on The Dinner-Mom site, “save” it to your Ziplist Recipe Box. You will see that option on the neatly formatted recipe in a post. If you are on an entirely different site tomorrow, such as Recipe Girl, and like a recipe there, “save” it to the Ziplist Recipe Box on the Recipe Girl site. You will be able to retrieve both recipes whenever and wherever you access your personal ZipList Recipe Box!

If you already use Ziplist, carry on. I’ll have another recipe to share on Sunday!

If not, please read through the tutorial below. It will save you time, money and possibly your sanity as you plan your meals and prepare your grocery shopping list.  By the way…your ZipList Recipe Box and Grocery List can be synced and accessed through mobile apps too and it’s totally FREE!

Below is a quick tutorial on something I do all the time: Create a Ziplist Grocery List from Recipes I have saved to my Recipe Box.

ZipList Recipe Box Tutorial

ZipList has a lot of features than I’m not showing you here so be sure to check out How It Works on the ZipList site.

Add Recipes to Your ZipList Recipe Box

When you see a recipe you like, just click on the “Save Recipe” button and the recipe is saved to your ZipList Recipe Box. If you click “Print,” then just the recipe will print, not the entire blog post.

Save a Recipe to Ziplist Recipe Box

Create a Grocery List from Recipes Saved on ZipList

Let’s say you have saved 20 recipes to your ZipList Recipe Box and you want to make 3 of them this weekend. It’s easy to create a categorized grocery list from recipes you have saved so you don’t forget any ingredients at the store.

1. Click on the “My Lists” tab.

2. Click on the “+” next to “Create New List” and give the list a name. I called mine “Make Ahead Meal Session.”

ZipList Recipe Box Tutorial

3. Now go to the “Recipes” tab. All the recipes you have saved are here. When you hover over a recipe, you will see 3 options pop-up. The options are red in the picture below. One option is “Add to List.”

Adding to ZipList Recipe Box

4. When you click on “Add to List,” you get a screen like the one below. You have the option to select which “List” you want to add the recipe to. And, you can deselect some of the grocery items. The site even suggests which ingredients you might just have on hand. Super cool!

Making a Grocery List

5. If you need to add some additional items to the list, just click the “Add Item” button. It’s in red on the “My Lists” tab.

6. When you are done adding recipes and other items to your list, you can print or email the grocery list or view it on your mobile app.

I hope you enjoy this feature. And, if you do, I’d love to hear about it!

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