I’m Marjory, writer, recipe developer, photographer and mom to 2 wonderful girls. I also owned a Make Ahead Meal Store that helped busy people prepare fresh and delicious dinners…that’s why I’m The Dinner-Mom.

You’ll find recipes, loads of information simplifying the food preparation and cooking process and my musings about food challenges here…that is, trying to serve foods that are easy, healthy, tasty and that everyone can sit down and enjoy together. That’s my mission.

It’s not easy since I like healthy, low-calorie foods, my husband likes traditional entrees, one daughter has food allergies (peanut, soy, egg and milk) and the other has grown to be a particular eater. In spite of these obstacles, I hope to inspire good eating habits and a joy for cooking and sitting down to enjoy meals together. I’m the chief recipe developer and food photographer, except when it comes to the sweets. My girls help out a lot in this area. 🙂

My food obsession keeps me pretty busy. But, in addition to blogging about recipes, healthy eating habits, weight loss and food allergies, I also write about personal development topics such as creativity, organization and time management. I also draw on my background as a CPA, Project Manager and small business owner to write about food blogging and small business topics.

I’d love to work with you! I’m available for freelance writing, recipe development, food photography and food blog development.

Please stay in touch!

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